County Wide Food Drive 2008 God-Stories

County Wide Food Drive 2008 God-Stories!

As we know, the food drive is about more than collecting cans. Relational and community stories abound. Here are just a few highlights:

– A 90-year-old volunteer at a sorting site was asked if he was ready to go home after working for several hours. He said ” Oh no, this is the best thing I do all year!” At the same site, a 7-year-old boy came up to ACCESS staff and said “thank you for inviting me”.

– From a canvasser: ” I like doing this – I take the same route every year and am getting to know my neighbors better”.

– A brand-new volunteer: “I was walking down the street (in a low-income neighborhood) and saw 4 or 5 little kids playing in the front yard. Their mom was watching them from the doorway. I was tempted to walk by because they looked like they needed the food. But I realized I needed to give everyone equal opportunity to give. I went to the door and told her I was here for the food drive. She said “Oh yes, wait a moment – I forgot!” . I heard her go through her cupboards and she came out with two heavy grocery bags. As I walked passed her kids, I was both heart-broken and heart-warmed. Heart-broken that it seemed I was taking food from her kids. Heart-warmed because she was so eager to share what she could.”

– A reporter from a major radio program that asked “How do people stay involved after the food drive?”

– A volunteer who said “I can’t write a check but I can give my time to work.”

– A volunteer working at one of the Spartan Stores was approached by the owner of a large local business who asked how her business could get more involved in addressing hunger in our community.

– A new ACCESS Board member reports: “My husband and I really enjoyed the Food Drive on Saturday. This was the first time for both of us but we will be back again for sure! The organization was excellent! Thanks for providing us the opportunity!