Dollar Sense Workshop-Tuesday June 9th

If you are involved with your congregation’s benevolence ministries, you most likely have worked with someone who, on paper, looks like they should be able to cover their expenses.   Or, maybe they don’t have enough money coming in to cover what goes out.   Denying them help or writing a check will do nothing more than ‘plug the dyke’ on their money management issues.  You know that if they could work with someone, they will be able to identify obstacles to keeping their finances solvent and make a long term difference in their situation, but whom can you get to help them?  Dave Truel, at MSU Extension has developed an awesome, 5 week program for individuals facing money management challenges.  Knowing this program is available can give you other options in working with people who come to your church with needs….but what do you know about how this program works, other than that it’s there?  Dave will share a glimpse of what he covers in the 5 weeks he meets with individuals/families.  Wouldn’t it be easier to ‘sell’ the importance of attending this class if you knew what goes on there?  Join us for a free, one hour Brown Bag Lunch Workshop on Tuesday, June 9th from 12 noon -1pm (@ East Leonard CRC–1027 Leonard St., NE)  Feel free to duplicate the attached flyer to share with others.  access-dollar-sense-workshop-flyer  Register by calling or emailing 616-774-2175 or