Providing a place at the table

Today we bring many programs and services to the table. But most of all, we provide a place for the community to act–for those with resources and talents to interact and problem-solve with the big issues of poverty and people in need. We have been working diligently over the past year to update our branding and give a new face to Access. We are very excited to launch our new brand look and tagline, which is “Providing a place at the table.”

Our three initiatives, Hunger Response, Casework Services, and Poverty Education, represent the three legs of the table in our new logo. If you are interested in eliminating hunger and reducing the impact of poverty in our community, we welcome you to sit with us at the table. Without you as partners and friends, we would not be able to respond to the many needs in our community.

Access would like to thank our Brand Advancement Committee for their time, effort, and input over the past year regarding our new look, as well as a special thank you to Rachel Hyde for partnering with Access through her artistic and graphic design talents.