Access Partnerships

Who is eligible for membership?

All congregations (and some ministries) in Kent County and some beyond.

Who is a member?

Congregations (and ministries) which have returned an Agreement of Partnership.

What does membership mean?

It means that the congregation wishes to use Access services and to share its information and resources with the Access Network to benefit God’s people. With current information, Access is better able to facilitate the ministry of a congregation and of the religious community.

If our congregation donates money to Access, are we members?

Congregations who donate to Access become valued financial supporters; however it’s the returned Agreement that indicates membership.

Does money sent to an Access Food Pantry support Access?

Not really. Those contributions support the Pantry’s ministry, which is an important link in our network; they do not however provide for the Access staff and services that are also crucial to the efficiency and success of this countywide network.

Why does Access need contributions?

  • The Access staff assists congregations by serving as a coordinator and as an advocate for the resources of the religious community.
  • The Access Casework Service Coordinator helps congregations help people with needs by eliminating duplication of services through continued communication with area congregations.
  • The Access Food Assistance Program is an additional resource to Access food pantries in need.
  • The Access Pantry Program provides staff and computers to facilitate the Pantry network. (Ten Pantry Resource Centers participate in this network and are linked with Neighborhood Support Pantries in their area.)

Access works for congregations and is dependent upon their support.