Food Assistance Program

Is it really worth it to apply for Food Assistance?

The Access Food Assistance Program Coordinator can answer that question and many others. As a result of a successful pilot program, Access has continued with Food Assistance Program in the Pantry Resource Centers. Every month, the Access Food Assistance Program Coordinator visits each of the ten Access Pantry Resource Centers in Kent County and helps individuals who are eligible for food assistance, but for a variety of reasons are not receiving it, obtain the benefits they need. Since February 2003, the Food Assistance Program Coordinator has been taking an average of 20-25 applications per month with an average benefit of $200 per family. She also serves as a liaison between the clients and DHS for a variety of programs in addition to her Food Assistance work.

Food Assistance eligibility has expanded, with income eligibility increasing from 130% to 200% of the Federal poverty level. For a family of four, the Federal poverty level is $21,200/year – so families earning up to $42,400 (gross) a year are now eligible for food assistance. Kids in qualifying families are automatically eligible for free school meals.

The Kent County Food Assistance Program is an excellent example of how a faith-based organization can partner with the government for the benefit of the community. With each bringing its unique strength to the table, the food sustainability of hundreds of Kent County residents has been improved.