Food Pantry Service Policy Guideline

We are committed to help those in need of food assistance in our service area meet their needs on the basis of individual need and available resources, and to help them toward the greater goal of becoming self-supporting.

Approved by Access Food Program Committee on June 6, 1997

Access Food Program Theological Statement

In as much as the common life of humanity is the life of a sojourner, the Access Food Pantry network seeks to share with other travelers the gift of hospitality. We count it a blessing of God that strangers stop to seek strength in food we might provide. As they seek sustenance, so shall we seek to provide the best of what we have, that our gifts might be worthy reflections of the gifts of God to us all. Even as gifts in our care are offered, so shall we seek the gifts of those to whom we offer hospitality, knowing that in the sojourner is the very presence of God. Above all, we gratefully acknowledge that in all things, all moments of life, we all receive from the One who is the True Giver of All Good Gifts.

October, 1997