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How to Best Work with OSM Caseworkers

As I am putting together the information from the OSM Survey Monkey (thanks to all those who took the time to participate) I thought would comment on some of the confusion out there on how ACCESS Caseworkers can best work with Congregations. First of all, both caseworkers use voicemail and email to respond to inquiries. […]

Not so Easy Decisions

So, you answered the call to serve as a benevolence volunteer. Putting our Christian values to work to help others through difficult times seems like a natural progression, but what about the not so easy decisons? Finding out that a family has not made any utility payments and are now facing a shut-off if your […]

A question for benevolence workers

If your congregation is approached by a member for help with a bill, how do you handle this? Do you ask them to go to agencies first to see if there is additional help for them, before you offer help from your church? How do you limit the number of people privy to this request? […]